London’s Chelsea Flower Show

A Royal Tour

maureenBovetChelseaI was excited beyond belief to travel to the renowned Chelsea Flower Show in London for the first time in 2002. I was living in Paris at the time and was delighted to take the train from Paris to London. I was thrilled to be among English speakers again, and the B & B proved to be lovely and well situated near the grounds of the flower show. But the biggest reason for my excitement was that by walking through the gates of the Chelsea Flower Show I was entering into a gardener’s paradise of designed gardens, exceptional plants from all over the world, and booths selling the most beautiful horticulturally themed objects. Just listening to the conversations around me of the mad-for-gardening English and the visitors from all over the world was a delicious treat. The BBC was constantly filming throughout the show to supply footage for a two-hour Chelsea presentation each evening on television.

I have been lucky enough to go several more times to Chelsea and my many photographs illustrate what a great adventure it is. My husband becomes exhausted following me around at the show, as I must see everything. However, I do accommodate him as we finally sit and drink a glass of Pimms!.

Gardeners and armchair travelers have been enjoying my slide presentation on the Chelsea Flower Show since I added it to my repertoire of show offerings in 2008.