mBovetJardindesPlantesExploring parks, gardens, and historic sites is my favorite pastime. I carry my camera along on these explorations, photographing whatever catches my eye. These pictures, and the stories that surround them, are a great joy to share with people. My photo shows include Paris parks, London’s Chelsea Flower show, and New York City public parks. Since 2005, audiences from more than 100 garden clubs, libraries, and other organizations have enjoyed my virtual tours.

Plants have always been a passion of mine. While living in Paris for three years from 2001 — 2004, I found myself giving tours of the public parks and talking about how exciting they are to explore and discover. The Chelsea Flower Show in London is a paradise for a gardener and I have been fortunate to attend five times. New York City, where I was born and grew up, is today a hotbed of new public gardens.

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